For artist, Mum and co-founder of Sydney's Cafe Freda's her paintings were inspired after giving birth to her daughter Paz, reconnecting with herself through the vibrant and playful medium she is known for. 


How would you describe the aesthetic of your work?
Childish, playful, fun, emotional, powerful.



We love your use of colour in your art and style, where does your inspiration come from?
Colour has always been a thing that I have naturally been drawn to as I am a very visual person. It is almost an OCD-like thing where I get obsessed with how things look. I think I am really good at understanding what goes well together and how to tell a story through that. When getting dressed I am very interested in having a pop of colour somewhere, it makes me feel like I am alive and not boring like I have somewhere to go and something to say. 


Are there any other artists whose work you love?
I love Tracy Emin. I find her work really powerful and freeing. I am inspired by her philosophy on art, it is a way of life, like breathing, if you are called to it, you must do it or else. 



When did you start creating your beautiful paintings? Did something spark inspiration for this medium?
I began painting this series of work 2 years ago when I just gave birth. It was a sporadic effort with no real date for an ending. After having Paz, painting was a way to reconnect with myself. Because she was so little I would bring her with me to the studio and would paint with her either on me or sitting/ laying nearby. This sparked my use of crayon as a layering tool. It's not messy, easy to clean up, and a smart thing to use so that I could easily pick her up without needing to wash my hands of anything super toxic. Also luckily it opened my eyes to this new medium, I love the washy dreamlike effect that the million of layers give. 


How has becoming a mother changed your approach to your work?
I really value time and what I do with it. I used to always have the need to create on a daily basis so that I could feel like I achieved something that day. Having a child gives you this forever feeling of achievement. Now when I create there is more thought and consideration in what I am doing vs. a rush of GO GO GO! 

What kind of world do you dream of for Paz?
A world where she is comfortable to express herself freely and safely. Where she lives fearlessly and passionately. A world where she can confidently be the truest form of herself.  



What role has sisterhood and community played in your life as a creative and mother?
Having a community is important. One of my main goals in life is to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who inspire me as we help each other grow. Luckily, I am living in that goal which took work and time. I think that putting the work in to foster relationships with people who motivate you is fundamental as well as giving that energy back and inspiring people in your own way too. Giving and taking in a circular bubble of peace, love, harmony, fun, and all those other nice things that one wants when growing.  

Would you say your style has evolved since becoming a mother?
I prioritize looking good while staying comfortable. The two must go hand in hand. There needs to be some fun mixed with a timeless element titled this is not trendy but this is me forever. 


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