If you anything are like us, you have watched Aimee in admiration as she shares beautiful photographs of her Byron Bay home and family. Becoming a mother at 21, we recently had the pleasure of hearing more about this precious journey, the moments that have moved her throughout motherhood, and creating a space for her family of 5 beautiful girls. Shot in her delightfully warm, dream home where she lives with her husband and 5 girls: Coco, Autumn, Juniper, Clemtintine, and Daisy.



Can you tell us a little about your birth stories and how they differed with the girls?

I was 21 when I had my first daughter, I was young & very naive. I knew I wanted a natural birth but at that time I wasn’t equipped on how to advocate for myself in a hospital if things started getting “tricky” and things did get tricky and I ended up having an emergency c-section. With my 2nd I really educated myself and hired a support doula to support my hope for a VBAC! And even though it still ended in c-section it was a much nicer experience. I went on to have 3 more c-sections, and with each one, I had more experience and knowledge on how to support myself and have the most natural, low-intervention c-sections possible!


Your family isn't exactly small, yet you have created a very calm and minimal space in your family home. What were the intentions and dreams when building your home? 

We didn’t really ever envision ourselves building a house, but it all happened very quickly and suddenly and here we were! Dave and I had the same vision in mind for our house, our block was small so we didn’t really have a choice with size! But we knew how our family utilises space and how we could make it work. We knew we wanted high ceilings and it made sense to turn half of the high roof over the bedrooms into a loft which works as a nice big space for the teenagers! Having a big family can be chaotic at times so creating a calm and minimal space is very important for us, when things are in order and the house is tidy it just makes everything seem more peaceful!



What does a normal day look like in your household?

Mornings always start with Dave and having a coffee! Then I will usually start breakfast and Dave will start on the girls lunchboxes. Mornings feel pretty busy with everyone getting ready to get out of the door. The big girls catch the bus and I drive Daisy to preschool if it’s school day for her as Dave heads to work. One day a week I have started seeing my facial therapy clients but if it’s not a work day I will try and have a surf or have a big walk, then get home to catch up on chores. If I blink its time for school pick up. 



What world do you wish for your girls?

A world where they can feel safe, empowered, free to be themselves and chase their dreams.


Would you say your style has changed or evolved since becoming a mother? 

I would say I more confident with my style, I know my body better then ever, I know what looks good and what doesn’t and I will always be attracted to timeless and classic pieces.



What moves you as a mother? 

Those moments where it feels like time slows down. It's usually unexpected such as out of nowhere, all the girls are piled in our bed or even just one and we are laughing, playing and talking. Dave and I will look at each other and without saying a word, our hearts are bursting with love and gratitude for what we have created and we know that in this moment, life is fleeting and beautiful. 



Living in an area where community is highly valued, how has community played a role in motherhood so far for you?

It is why we moved here, it takes a village to raise a tribe. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! At times it feels like a bubble but it is a bubble I want to be in while raising children. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by like-minded, inspiring humans. To be seen and held by your village has given me the strength to get through the tough times motherhood can present.


Aimee wears the Citra Ruched Bust Slip, Mawar Ruched Shirt and the Poppy Pleat Slip.