Our beautiful mother, Eleni is one of the core inspirations behind iamibu. We are so grateful to have grown up with inspiration all around: we remember the way in which she shared her creative world through music, art, and fashion. She would always go to great lengths to care for those less fortunate and support them, encouraging us to show compassion toward others from all walks of life. 

We take a moment to reflect with her on what her heart says as a mother of 4 and grandmother of 5. 


Mum with her granddaughter, Freja this Mothers Day, photographed by Trevor King.  Mum wears the Ayu Ruched Dress in Black. 


Raising four kids as a single parent was challenging and lonely at times. However, the love and laughter they gave back easily outweighed any difficult times. They kept my life bright.


I stand for compassion, positivity, honesty and laughter.



Mum with us and our brother Sonny in our family home, 1990.


I am moved by many things: the beauty of nature, a poem that touches my heart, family love and selfless acts.


As a mother, my heart says there is no greater reward than watching your children grow into wonderful, intelligent people that parent their children with such love and wisdom.

I cherish the significance they play in my life and the continuous knowledge I gain through them.



Mum (right), taken in Indonesia with our Dad's family in 1981.


My mother taught me kindness and strength. That love is boundless and selfless.


My strength comes from my mother my children's love. My past taught me resilience and to appreciate the things I have.



Mum with our brother Tyson, 1999. 


I dream of a world where my kids and grandkids can be free to live a life where they have time to stop and experience the beauty the world has to offer. I also hope they truely get to know their own strengths and follow their desires.

I hope they find others they can connect with as I feel the world is steering people towards becoming very detached from each other. Most of all I hope their life is peaceful.