Writer, mother, and effortlessly stylish, Christina Macpherson invites us into her Byron Bay home. Grounded in authenticity, she reveals how becoming mum to Sunny inspired her to keep the adventure going with a heart-led approach to work, life, and family.


What did your personal journey leading up to motherhood look like? Did you always dream of becoming a mum? 

No, in fact, I never thought I wanted to be a mother. I was very sure that if I had a child, I’d be terrible at being a mum and would invariably mess the kid up. But slowly that idea changed and I became quietly confident that perhaps I could be good at it. And you know, it's so much better than I ever imagined. For me, I had a big adventurous fun life before Sunny, and since him, it’s only getting bigger and better.

You have the ability to articulate your heart-led openness in the public realm and social media. It really speaks to your values and realness. What are the key things keeping your feet firmly on the ground?

Thank you, that’s so nice to hear. I don’t know really, I think I approach work, social media, and life in general with a healthy sense of humour. That, and I think cleaning poo every day never lets you get too big for your boots. Ha ha. 



Who are some of the women who inspire you and why?

Oh man, so many women, all the women! I think the respect and awe I have for women has grown tenfold since becoming a mum. My own mum without a doubt is my main gal, for her, I give all my admiration. She has, and continues to walk through life with a gentle strength that has shown me how working, mothering, and maintaining a household and a marriage is all doable with a light-hearted fun-ness (and a few glasses of wine). My sisters-in-law and my own girlfriends also inspire me - whether their ‘role’ is bringing in the money or looking after babies, they do it all with such grace and it’s not lost on me how lucky I am to be surrounded by such incredible women.



What matters to you most when it comes to family and how would you explain your approach to parenting so far?  

It’s just made me realise that all the other stuff is background noise. It’s tricky to live in a world that moves so fast and pushes success to be about how much money you make or how popular you are. But to be content with the real, good, genuine stuff; and create a world in which my boy can feel the same is what I’m trying to do.



What is the last thing that you did just for yourself?

I work out every day and it’s a luxury of time I know I’m lucky to have. I put on my headphones and get lost in movement and music. In terms of relaxing, the day I get to go to the beach and read my book again and not be covered in sand will be a very monumental occasion.

You wear many creative hats, including travel writing. When do you feel your most creative self?

To be honest, when I’m full of feeling. I think most of the best masterpieces (whether it’s music, novels, poetry, etc) have been written when the artist is bursting with heartache or happiness. Those feelings are pretty hard to come by every day, so instead I put on my music and do simple creative writing exercises that take about 10 minutes (I have a creative writing course available online).



 What are you most proud of? 

It’s only recently I’ve been able to say this out loud (tall poppy syndrome and all that) but I’m proud to have cultivated a life that is extremely flexible for my family. I have control over how, when, and where I work, depending on my family’s wants and needs. It’s due to a whole lotta luck and a bit of hard work, and it means a very topsy-turvy life which may not suit some, but for us, it works well. 


How has your world's eye-view changed since having Sunny? What kind of world do you envision for your son to live in?

I don’t think my worldview has changed so much, but I am stronger in standing up for myself and him. I hope he grows up being able to daydream, create and imagine without interference. I hope he knows that kindness, openness, and curiosity are all things to be valued, and that laughter and silliness are things that should be done daily. I hope the world seems a bit less sad and things start to get better so that the future is hopeful and happy for all its tenants (especially the best one - him). I hope…


Christina wears the Ayu ruched dress, Ayu ruched slip and the Ayu ruched midi dress.