At iamibu, we are driven by woman's stories from all over the world sharing notes on love, life and the strength in female spirit. For our very first story we wanted to feature the very embodiment of all these inspirations: co-founder and creative force of Canyon Coffee, model and mother, Ally Walsh.

The understated and earthy aesthetic of Canyon inspired by connection, travel and ritual is synonymous with the lifestyle lead by Ally, her partner Casey and little Sonny. Shot in Los Angeles. 



Tell us a little about Canyon Coffee. How did it come about and what were some of its inspirations? 

Almost from the time Casey and I met, in Beachwood Canyon ten years ago, we were excited to create something together. In those early years, we were both apart from each other often, traveling for work. Coffee became this thing we really bonded over during that time. We’d try to find the best coffee in any town we visited, sending each other bags home from our favorites. Whenever we were home at the same time, we grew to really cherish getting to make coffee for each other. 

The inspiration for Canyon came about slowly and organically over years. It came through our travels together, visiting coffee shops, art museums, and exploring new cities and neighborhoods. Our first trip to New Mexico was pretty impactful — especially visiting Georgia O’Keeffe’s home in Abiquiu. She was already one of my favorite painters. Seeing her home, her furniture, and the spaces where she lived and created left an impression. It all felt simple and calm but warm.

Back in LA, we were hiking in the Santa Monica mountains a few times a week. The name came to us when we were hiking down Temescal Canyon. “Canyon” just felt like it encapsulated everything about what inspired us and our love for LA in one word.



Time becomes so precious when you enter motherhood. Do you have a daily ritual that is integral to get you through the day? 

A cup of black coffee, every morning :)

Other parts of my morning ritual have changed over time, and have included journaling, reading, morning walks and yoga at different times… but coffee has been the through-line.



Any life lessons or insights that you experienced during the transition into motherhood? 

I can get by on much less sleep than I used to — though that doesn’t mean I’m not totally exhausted some days! 

Despite feeling the opposite, you do get your normal food cravings back after you give birth (at least I did!). 



How important has your community been since becoming a mother? 

Community is the most important! I don’t have any family here in California and my friends have come to help fill that role more over time. They help keep things fun and bring a sense of home and belonging here. I’m so grateful to have the help that I do and feel that support. 



You recently opened a Canyon Coffee cafe. Running your own business is no easy feat, how do you manage the balance between work and motherhood? 

I’m not sure there is much of a balance! I love what I do and I love being a mom, and at times the two intertwine. Sonny spends a lot of time with us at the shop, and when it’s time for him to nap we take him on walks around the neighborhood. We’ve had Canyon for six years, and I’d already had one year of being a mom and running Canyon by the time the shop opened. Being an owner, it helps so much that I can control my own schedule and work from home when I need to.

I have help with Sonny three days out of the week, and those hours really allow me to focus and get my most important work done. Getting to have those other two days with Sonny is something I’m so grateful for. There’s still work to do, but I usually manage to keep up while Sonny’s taking his naps.


Motherhood comes with a whole new list of responsibilities. What is most important to you as a mother? 

Quality time with Sonny. Making time for walks at night together, dinner as a family. Making the effort to be present in each moment, knowing these moments go so fast. And not letting work stress or life disrupt quality time with Sonny.

Ally wears the Poppy pleated pant, Poppy pleated slip dress and the Poppy pleated wrap dress.