Ceramic artist and model, Cisco Tschurtschenthaler is never short of a creative project: her latest venture, Sea Sea, is a boutique hotel in Crescent Head dreamt up by her and her partner George Gorrow. Below the mum of two boys, Cisco and Wolfie discovers the roots of her strength and confidence as a mother and woman. 


Cisco and her boys, Wolfie and Cisco, photographed by Trevor King

Since becoming a mother, I have learned that every day is a new day to start fresh. Mother's guilt is something that every mom knows and feels and especially new mums. So it’s very important to have a great mum friend who can coach you through this feeling.




It moves me when my kids tell me they love me out of the blue. It’s the most rewarding and special thing that has ever happened to me.


As a mother, my heart says one day at a time. And remember to be humorous if things get really tough. 



I stand for power of the woman. I grew up with women around me, I am the youngest of 4 sisters and always had great female role models/ mentors in my life. I am not shy to ask for help or advice from women who I look up to. I love to listen to their stories and experiences, it’s been a huge help.



 Something my mother taught me was…Be Independent.


Having boys has been such an interesting experience since I grew up with three sisters. My mother-in-law told me after I gave birth to two sons: "Cisco it’s a good thing, boys will love their mum forever." I’ll gladly accept this.


Success, to me, is being able to spend great quality time with my family.



Cisco wears the Poppy Pleated Pant in charcoal.