We have been fans of Bianca's work for sometime, admiring her interesting use of colour on raw and organic hand shaped ceramics created to anchor us in the present moment. Each of her creations unique and akin to nature with the perfect balance of light, texture and colours working together in harmony. We recently visited the artist and mother at her Byron Bay studio. 

How did your journey begin as an artist?
It was by following an inner call that my art journey began. I fell deeply in love with clay as a medium at my first touch and from there onwards I simply was called to keep exploring this new exciting experience as much as possible. Most of the challenges that I faced on my journey happened to be my best guides in the direction of my unique work expression. 

Your pieces are each so individual and unique and appear to have so much intention behind them. How do they reach their look and feel in the process?
To me the process is even more important that the final piece, there is no rule to it but most of the time it starts with an inspiration to create something that I visualised in my mind and from there its a continual exploration. At times it all works on the first go and many other it requires a few attempts for me to be fully satisfied with my creation. I know for sure when I got there, there's a sense of beauty, balance, grace and flow into the piece, which I find hard to describe, it simply feels like I got it and that I couldn't make it better. Nuances of light, texture and the colours must be in perfect balance, somehow it's like nature - a sense of harmony in the many elements coming together. 

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere, I spend lots of time in nature and it influences my work a lot. I see beauty in body's and curves that inspire me. How the sun light comes in at different moments of the day and how it changes my perception of colours and textures. Other times, a concept or idea just pops in and I feed it but researching and deepening my visual and intellectual understanding of the topic. Gradually the inspiration becomes tangible, drawing is also very helpful on my process of getting the inspiration out of my mind. 

We love how Loui is very involved in your space where you create and you always encourage him to get his hands in the clay and paint. What has your approach so far been to parenting? Is there a conscious balance between your work and time with Loui?
I'm learning on the go, being a parent is the most rewarding yet the most challenging experience of my life. I'm constantly researching about parenting and working on myself. Always listening to my intuition! I believe that our children come to our life to teach us and to give us the opportunity of reparent ourselves in a most conscious way. Loui has been teaching me more then what I put in words and on this parent journey I have been experiencing unconditional love and generational healing. 
The time balance is always changing, some days I feel like I am on top of it and other days it feels like CHAOS - as life goes I get to feel better about the balances and unbalances of life and the many layers of living.

As you move along in motherhood what does community look like? 
To me community has also been developing with Loui, as he grows and engages with our community, our community grows with him and the sense of belonging in the community that he holds its precious. He's loved and known by his name in so many places and often we get to be together with friends by the causality of doing the same things at the same time, like a magical afternoon at the beach. Enforcing the belief that he's loved and appreciated for his unique way of expressing himself is very important to me as then he can also love and appreciate other and their unique ways of being with respect and care.