Meet Taylr Castro; mother, creative, tastemaker, and much more. Based in Southern California, Taylr inspires us with her relaxed approach to style with an appreciation for wellness, self-care, and clean beauty. 

She shares her art of self-care during motherhood with us and why she's choosing a slower and more intentional way of life.




In three words how would you describe your journey of motherhood so far?

Beautiful, constant, teaching.


What does self-care mean for you?

As a mother, self-care is very cherished these days. My favourite way to take time for myself is an uninterrupted outdoor shower, a sauna session, reading a few pages of a book in the sun, tending to my garden, or a swim in the ocean. Self-care is my way of prioritising myself and recharging.




How have your priorities changed since becoming a mother?

I have become much more relaxed about things that used to worry me. Becoming a mother, you realize what is truly important in day-to-day life. Deadlines can always be extended and little things aren’t worth stressing over. I try to prioritise time for myself every day, even if that is 20 minutes. Being able to do things that make me happy or allows growth, outside of motherhood, is a really fulfilling feeling.



Do you have any tips for others wanting to make some conscious decisions in the day to day?

Thinking consciously means thinking for the future. If something will bring long-term value to your life, then it is worth expanding on.


What role has sisterhood and community played in your journey as a mother so far?

Community means so much! A lot of my friends are now having children and it’s a really beautiful chapter of life to be in. It’s hard to understand motherhood unless you’re in it, so a community is really nice. These have been the best days of my life.


What are some words of wisdom your mother passed on that stuck?

Cherish the early years, they go by too quickly.


Has your style evolved since motherhood?

My style has become much more relaxed and effortless. I feel like I have a uniform now and a very curated wardrobe. I tend to reach for button-downs, relaxed denim, shorts, or trousers. I love to carry a big tote for all of my mom things.

Taylr wears the Indah Feeding Shirt in watercolour.