This Mother's Day, we wanted to share the words and worlds of some significant mothers within our community who inspire. Our first story of the special series is with the very talented artist and gallery owner, Jordana Henry. Here, she invites us inside her beautiful home and creative space as she explores her journey through motherhood. 


Jordi and Rudi photographed in their home by Trevor King


Since becoming a mother, I have learned the sacrifices a mother makes usually go unnoticed and that the good moments always outweigh the bad ones. I have learnt that a love can be this big that it almost hurts!!



I am moved when my children surprise me! Or when I catch them in those small moments, amongst the mundane of everyday life being so kind to each other or showing each other the biggest love imaginable.

Something my mother taught me was all you can do is do your very best in life!



It’s cliche but the juggle between being an invested mother and also obtaining career goals and not losing that sense of independence can be extremely challenging for me. 

I just haven’t got it nailed down quite yet. I love this time with my children and I know it’s fleeting so I am trying to surrender more. 


I am so fortunate that most of my closest friends and I have had children around the same time.

Before and after kids, these are the sisters I can come to and say absolutely anything without judgment.


Jordi wears the Poppy Wrap Dress in Creme.